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The belief that every school and principal is incredibly valuable is the building block behind the Education Foundation’s Reaching New Heights Gift.  The commitment to developing new standards is visible and the program’s gift of $500 awards schools and principals at the beginning of the year, demonstrating steady improvement within District 58. 

Incoming 7th grade students kick off the new school year by joining Herrick Middle School or O’Neill Middle School for a “sneak preview” open house.  This is a three day event that takes place in mid-August just before the beginning of the new school year.  It gives students and parents a chance to visit teachers, check out classrooms and learn important information in a fun environment complete with games and activities.  Nearly 95% of the incoming 7th grade students participate in the three day event.

Watch the video below to see what the Sneak Preview Event is all about!

Watch the video below to see what the Reaching New Heights Gift is all about!

Anchor 1 - Sneak Preview
Anchor 2 - Reaching New Heights Gift

Watch the videos to the right to see what The Teacher Grants are all about!

The Welcome Luncheon, annually held by District 58, welcomes all new teachers and administrators prior to the beginning of the school year.  In addition to Board Members of the Education Foundation, distinguished representatives from the Village of Downers Grove Police Department, Fire Department, Public Library and Park District are also in attendance to celebrate the new staff as well as celebrate the accomplishments of District 58. 

Great teachers are always looking for new ways to expand their instruction and engage with their students. Innovative teaching is important --but it certainly can be expensive.  The Education Foundation awards grants over $20,000 annually. Teaching grants can fund professional development, classroom  enrichment, school supplies, and almost anything else that can go into bettering the quality of the students’ education.

Watch the video below to see what The Welcome Luncheon is all about!

Anchor 3 - The Welcome Luncheon
Anchor 4 - The Teacher Grants

Watch the video below to see what The Reading Games are all about!

This March event is hosted at O’Neill Middle School.  Students ranging from 3rd grade to 8th grade create teams, read books, and compete  in a Q&A environment based on the literature they have read.  Each student receives a participatory prize; 1st, 2nd & 3rd place ribbons are awarded in each group.  A grand prize is also awarded for each reading level.  On average, over 600 students participate.  This one day event not only teaches students teamwork, it also allows students to compete in a battle of the wits and knowledge for prizes provided by local businesses.

A cornerstone of The Education Foundation.  In spring, (29) 8th graders from Herrick Middle School and (29) 8th graders from O’Neill Middle School are selected from over 150 students submitted essays based on whom have proven to be role models through good citizenship, co-curricular and service involvement activities within their community. 

Winners are selected by a blind committee.  An Awards Dinner is held at Herrick Middle School.  The winners are presented a plaque and sweatshirt.  Group photos are taken.  Students are recognized during their school’s 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony.

Watch the videos to the right to see what Select 58 is all about!

Anchor 5 - The Reading Games
Anchor 6 - Select 58

The D.S.A. awards take place in May and were created to recognize two distinctive members of the school staff.  One award is presented to a class room teacher and one award to a non-teaching staff member working in any capacity.  Staff is nominated by a colleague, administrator, student and/or parent.  An essay is submitted and the winners are selected by a blind committee.  All nominees are recognized and the winners are announced at an awards ceremony.

Watch the videos to the right to see what The Distinguished Service Awards (D.S.A.) are all about!

Anchor 7 - D.S.A.

This year-round donation program is an individually based award that allows the staff, students, parents, and community an opportunity to make a donation in the name of a designated teacher or staff member.  Donations can be  made throughout the school year on the Foundation website.  When a donation has been made the denomination is not revealed. Monthly, the District superintendent or the principal of each school presents a special Green Apple Card to the designated teacher or staff member in which a donation has been made. The card only reveals who made the donation.

If you would like to make a donation to The Green Apple Awards, please click the Green Apple Award icon to the right.

Thank you for your support!

Watch the video below to see what The Green Apple Awards are all about!

Anchor 8 - The Green Apple Awards

No time to volunteer?  BUT.... You would like to donate to the Foundation/Schools?

Click the Green Apple Below to donate!

The NEWEST/most recent Pilot program offered by The Education Foundation.  The KOHA program is a year round automatic way for patrons to shop at small businesses and generate funding for the District 58 Schools that The Education Foundation of District 58 supports.  Plus, individuals who participate in KOHA also earn personal rewards too!  This program benefits small businesses, organizations and patrons!

No time to volunteer?  BUT.... You shop!

Sign up at a local participant and earn rewards while donating to the schools!

Anchor 9 - KOHA

Learn more about KOHA at:

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